History #ploetzhof / plötzhaus

Then & Now The #ploetzhof is one of the oldest buildings in the Hof parish near Salzburg. Formerly known as the Plötzhaus, it once served as a prison. This was [...]

Plötz Waterfall

As the Basis for the Name During the "Leader Projects", which took place in 2020, the prison was set up as a museum and opened to the public. The museum's [...]

Wartenfels Castle

The Border Fortress Wartenfels Castle was built in 1260/61 by Konrad v. Kahlham (it is still possible to visit the castle ruins in Thalgau parish today). Its purpose was to [...]

Franz Joseph Wohlmuth

The last Executioner* of Salzburg During his long period in office (1757 – 1817), Franz Josef Wohlmuth kept a diary of his activities. This record tells us how often the executioner performed [...]

A Day in the Life of a Prisoner

After being sentenced, offenders would be taken to the prison. Once the trapdoor had been closed above him, the prisoner would be completely isolated in the cellar. He would be [...]

Court Day

At the Kirchbichlhof According to folk memory, so-called Taidinge* (court days) were probably held at the Kirchbichlhof from the 16th century. These took place twice a year – on St [...]

The Procedure of a Taiding

The guardian – as the highest representative of the archepiscopal territorial lord – was the first to enter the "Schranne" and take a seat. Around him and outside the barriers, [...]

Sayings, Origins and Explanations

Some expressions and sayings still used in German today are reminiscent of the »Taidinge« »verteidigen«defend from Middle German vertagedingen, verteidingen = represent before a court or (Middle German) Tagedingen, teidingen [...]

The Parish Coat of Arms

Hof near Salzburg Description of the coat of arms This coat of arms features a red background and three-peaked hill in the foreground, with the centre taken up by a [...]

The Roman Estate

of Elsenwang, 2nd – 3rd Century AD Former Mayor Franz Achleitner sen., Steindlbauer zu Elsenwang, often told the story that during the 1930s, a dowel revealed an underground cavity upon being [...]

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